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101 Ideas for Outstanding Social Media Content

December 11, 2019

In this article, we’re going to share 101 ideas for producing high-quality social media content for your brand.

3.484 billion people used social media in 2019, and almost all marketers (97%) use social media to reach their audiences.

There’s a catch, though. Over half of social media users (51%) will unfollow brands that post irritating content.

That’s why posting high-quality, non-promotional, social media content is essential to the success of your brand.

Good news! The ideas below will help you create fresh, engaging, high-quality social media content that never gets boring or irritating.

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Social Media Content Ideas for Instagram

1 billion Instagrammers are active every month, and 500 million are active every day.

Did you know? Instagram generates 4X more engagement than Facebook, and most Instagrammers (80%) use the platform to decide whether to buy a product or service.

Convert Followers and Sell Products With New! Product Stickers

If you’re selling products online, Instagram is the “Charlie’s Chocolate Factory” of social media shopping!

Tip #1: Get approved and setup to sell on Instagram.

Wondering how to get started with Instagram Shopping tools and features? Check out The Ultimate Checklist for Getting Set Up, Approved, and Started with Shopping on Instagram for a step-by-step guide to getting started.

Tip #2: Attach New! Instagram shopping stickers to product images in your Instagram Stories. Now you can promote your products in Stories by adding shopping stickers to your images.

You can use product stickers to show off collections of products that lead to more details such as price, description, and purchase links.

Tip #3: Add New! Instagram shopping tags to posts.

Users who click on your product stickers or tags get directed to your product description page — which includes a direct link to your website.

Instagram Shopping tag example
Instagram Shopping tag example 2

Tip #4: Add New! product launch stickers to Instagram Stories when you’re planning a new release. Instagram sends notification reminders to subscribers on product launch day!

Tip #5: Encourage users to post images of your products on Instagram -- with your brand hashtag in the caption.
For example, Beauty Pie skin care and cosmetics company encourages users to share images of their shipments by including a post-it note with every shipment.

BeautyPie hashtag example

Beauty Pie’s “Don’t forget to #POSTYOURPIE” technique has earned the company thousands of user-generated images on Instagram.

BeautyPie hashtag example 2
101 ideas for producing high-quality social media content. Get ideas for engaging social media posts and videos, plus plus platform-specific ideas for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Create Stunning Product Displays with These Instagram Layouts

With 42% of Instagrammers visiting the site several times every day, users are accustomed to brilliant and beautiful product images.

Keep your brand look “Instagram-worthy” by trying one or both of the Instagram layouts below.

Tip #6: Make your Instagram content POP! with flat lays. Flat layouts are a popular way to show off your products, services, and more.

For example, Apple uses flat lays to show off its smartphones and tablets.

Flat lay example Apple
101 ideas for producing high-quality social media content. Get ideas for engaging social media posts and videos, plus plus platform-specific ideas for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

You can use flat lays for nearly any project, service, or product.

flat lay example 3
Flat lay example 2
101 ideas for producing high-quality social media content. Get ideas for engaging social media posts and videos, plus plus platform-specific ideas for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Tip #7: Turn your Instagram feed into a work of art with Grid Layouts.

Grid layouts are an artistic way of arranging your Instagram feed. By posting a collection of images in a specific order, you can create a brilliant-looking display.

grid layout instagram B2community example
101 ideas for producing high-quality social media content. Get ideas for engaging social media posts and videos, plus plus platform-specific ideas for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Promote Your Events With Instagram Special Tools!

Events are an excellent way to drive traffic to your Instagram. Launching in-store or in-office events (or any type) gives you the chance to drive in-person traffic to Instagram.

Take advantage of the many tools Instagram provides to help you promote events.

Tip #8: Create excitement surrounding your upcoming event by adding a countdown sticker to your Instagram Story.

Tip #9: Promote your events with the New! Instagram Countdown sticker notifications, so users get a personal notification when your event goes life.

Tip #10: Add location stickers to Instagram Stories to put your event in explore feeds that reach people in your area.

Tip #11: Got great weather? Drop a weather sticker into your Instagram Story on the day of your event to entice people to join you.

Tip #12: Use hashtag stickers in Instagram Stories to promote upcoming events with #YourCampaignName and #EventTitle hashtags.

Put Your Best Foot Forward with These Instagram Profile Tips

Did you know? Two-thirds of Instagram business profile visits come from people who aren’t following the business.

Your Instagram profile is like your social media homepage. Use these tools and tips to help convert your visitors to followers.

Tip #13: Get Instagram verified! Displaying Instagram’s little blue checkmark next to your business name lets people know your brand is trustworthy and reliable.

27 tips to help get your small business verified on Instagram >>>

Tip #14: Introduce your brand, products, mission, product lines, social causes, and employees by pinning Stories to your Instagram profile, called “Stories Highlights.”

Highlights Instagram Stories example
101 ideas for producing high-quality social media content. Get ideas for engaging social media posts and videos, plus plus platform-specific ideas for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Tip #15: If you want people to take an action, ask them! Add a CTA to your bio.

Include a call-to-action in your bio, taking a cue from Apartment Therapy. In its bio the brand briefly explains its company, then asks “Share your home photos with #apartmenttherapy.”

CTA in bio example apartment therapy
101 ideas for producing high-quality social media content. Get ideas for engaging social media posts and videos, plus plus platform-specific ideas for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Searching for the #apartmenttherapy” on Instagram produces a feed with more than one million results, so posting that CTA on its bio looks like a pretty good tactic.

CTA in bio example feed results

Get Engaged with Instagram Stories for Businesses

500 million people use Instagram Stories every day.

If you’re wanting to boost your engagement rates on Instagram, take advantage of the engagement-boosting tools in Instagram Stories.

Tip #16: Start a conversation on Instagram by adding a New! Join Chat Sticker to your Story.

Tip #17: Encourage viewer interaction on Instagram with Question, Poll, Emoji Slider, and Music stickers in Stories.

Tip #18: Promote your social causes on Instagram by adding a New! Donation sticker to your Story.

Reach Out and Grow Your Audience

Find your tribe! Millions of people are scrolling Instagram feeds every day. Use these tips to help your brand stand out.

Tip #19: Include one trending and one niche hashtag in every post.

Stuffing 30 hashtags into your posts only makes your content look like spam. Instead, use a tool like Sharelov’s Hashtag Idea Tool to find trending and niche hashtags.

Sharelov’s Hashtag Ideas Tool from Sharelov on Vimeo.

For example, using the hashtag #Christmas puts your post in a feed with 128 million other posts. That’s a lot of competition!

Adding a “niche hashtag” like #ChocolateChristmas (with only 2700 posts) gives you a better shot at getting seen by a new audience!

hashtag research tool Sharlov holiday
hashtag research christmas chocolate

Tip #20: Place New! Instagram Branded ads to promote your influencer content.

Tip #21: Reach people who are actively looking for new brands with New! Instagram Explore feed ads.

Tip #22: Sell more products with New! Instagram Shopping posts as ads.

Did you know? Nearly 12% of Instagram traffic comes from other platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Tip #23: Take your Instagram Stories to Other Platforms with Instagram Stories New! Share button!

Give Instagrammers What They Want – More Video!

On Instagram, video posts receive more than 2x more comments than other posts and generate over 20% more engagement than other posts.

Tip #24: Share fast paced, how-to videos on Instagram. Instagrammers love quickly-moving videos! Use them to share how-to’s related to your industry, or for product education.

Tip #25: Publish videos on IGTV for increased exposure – and the previews show up in the Instagram feed!

You can create longer videos for IGTV – perfect for sharing training, tips, or in-depth knowledge on a topic.

Tip #26: Show off your company culture on Instagram with short, behind-the-scenes videos that help viewers connect with your brand.

Tip #27: Establish your brand as thought leader on Instagram by sharing insightful tips about your industry in slideshow-type videos.

Tip #28: Produce videos for Instagram that promote your social cause campaigns.

social cause video tips
101 ideas for producing high-quality social media content. Get ideas for engaging social media posts and videos, plus plus platform-specific ideas for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Yes, You Can! Long-awaited Instagram Updates and Workarounds

Tip #29: New! Now you can use paragraph spacing on Instagram posts – finally! 

It’s true, you can now use the return button to create spaces between sentences in Instagram posts.

Create spaces by selecting the number case button first, then use your regular return button to make paragraphs!

Tip #30: Post to Instagram from your Mac or PC laptop or desktop. Yes, you can! We show you how

Tip #31: Repost other people’s content to your own Instagram feed.

You can repost your favorite Instagram content to your own account — check out the step-by-step instructions in Sharelov’s Guide to Instagram Reposting.

Use reposting to share your brand’s user-generated content!

31 Content Tips for Instagram

Social Media Content Ideas for Facebook

Facebook scheduler got you down?

New! Have you noticed that the “schedule post” tool is missing from Facebook?

Now, when you create Facebook posts, you need to use another tool if you want to schedule your posts in advance.

facebook post scheduling 2

Tip #32: Use social media software that lets you schedule all your Facebook posts in one place.

do not use example only

Keep it simple! Sharelov’s social media scheduling tool makes it easy to schedule your Facebook posts in advance!

Tip #33: Preview your Facebook posts in advance with the Debugger tool.

Ever shared one of your blog posts only to find out Facebook posts a different headline or image? Yikes!

Get a REAL preview of what your Facebook posts look like by using the Facebook Debugger tool.

Tip #34: Make your Facebook page stand out with a stunning wall photo. Learn how in The World’s Easiest Guide to Facebook Cover Photos.

Social Media Content Ideas for Twitter

Twitterers log on for live interaction, especially during major world events or when other platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram, are down.

Twitter is an excellent platform for building a business community, especially if you’re wanting to build brand awareness, generate leads, or provide social media customer service.

Tip #35: Join in the #FF fun and support other brands on Follow Fridays. #FF is an informal Twitter tradition that helps brands get new followers.

Participate every Friday by retweeting, mentioning, or hashtagging to recommend your favorite brands.  Add the hashtag #FF to your tweets to make it official!

Tip #36: Post videos to your Twitter feed (30 second Max length).

Tip #37: Hold Twitter chats to engage your followers.

Tip #38: Always Reply to people who engage with your brand! 

Tip #39: Comment on other people’s tweets.

Tip #40: Ask people to retweet your tweets.

Tip #41: Ask people to bookmark your tweets.

Tip #42: Thank people who retweet your tweets with a mention.

Tip #43: Shorten your shared links with

Tip #44: Help drive traffic to your website by using Twitter cards to make your shared tweets look impressive.

twitter cards 2

Tip #45: Occasionally repost your most popular tweets.

11 Tips for Tweeting

Social Media Content Ideas for YouTube

People turn to YouTube for different reasons, depending on their age.

  • Tip #46: Publish YouTube videos that help Generation Z feel more connected, become more knowledgeable, or gain valuable skills.
  • Tip #47: Publish entertaining or product education YouTube videos for Baby Boomers. The Baby Boomer generation enjoys learning about new products and services, or just being entertained, while watching YouTube.
  • Tip #48: Publish LBGTQ-friendly training and educational YouTube videos for Millennials. The Millennial generation uses YouTube to learn new things, and are more likely to remember brands that are LBGTQ-friendly.

Tip #49: Show how to manage the stress with stress management videos, if you can tie a related topic to your brand. YouTube stress management videos increased by over 60% in the past five years.

Tip #50: Create videos with “relax” in the title, if you can tie the topic to your brand. YouTube videos related to “relaxing” increased by over 70% between June 2017 and June 2018.

Tip #51: Create “Day in the Life” YouTube videos that show off your company culture.

Last year, people uploaded  over 50,000 “Day in the LIfe” videos to YouTube, and they’re an excellent way to share behind-the-scenes stories about your company.

Day in the life of nurse YouTube
101 ideas for producing high-quality social media content. Get ideas for engaging social media posts and videos, plus plus platform-specific ideas for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Brands can use the format to film engaging, behind-the-scenes videos of their office, warehouse, employees – or any point of view that you think is interesting to YouTuber’s.

Tip #52: Encourage your customers to create Day in the Life videos that show them using your brand.

Or, film your customers using your products in their homes and create a compilation Day in the Life video to promote your brand.

Tip #53: Create Shop with Me videos that show your products in-store and at home. Or, encourage your customers to include your products in their Shop with Me videos.

Shop with Me videos show people shopping in stores and, sometimes, also using products from their shopping trip at home.

shop with me video
101 ideas for producing high-quality social media content. Get ideas for engaging social media posts and videos, plus plus platform-specific ideas for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
shop with me video 2

There are endless creative ways you can convert the Shop with Me video format to work for your brand!

8 tips for creating youtube videos for your brand

Social Media Content Ideas for Pinterest

Did you know? When it comes to shopping on social platforms, most online shoppers prefer Pinterest over Facebook and Instagram.

According to one report, 55% of all shoppers choose Pinterest as their main social network when shopping.

Tip #54: Sell products with PInterest using its Buyable Pins tool. Buyable pins allow people to make purchases directly from the Pinterest platform.

Tip #55: Check out Pinterest’s Shop the Look pins, which let people find and buy products directly from your Pinterest boards.

Learn more about Buyable pins and Shop-the-Look pins:
Ultimate Guide to Marketing on Pinterest Read it here>>>

Tip #56: Curate, curate, curate! Between 50 – 80% of your Pinterest content should be shared from other boards.

Tip #57: Before you repin content on Pinterest, follow the links through and make sure they’re authentic.

Tip #58: Join Pinterest group boards to gain access to a wider audience.

Tip #59: When you pin someone else’s content on Pinterest, add additional tips in the comments section.

Tip #60: On Pinterest, use keywords in your board titles and pin descriptions – it will help people find their way to your content.

Tip #61: When posting to PInterest, encourage people to check out your content by adding a list of condensed tips or “how-to’s” in your pin descriptions.

Social Media Content Ideas for Posts  — Great For Any Platform!

Posting non-promotional content to your social media feeds is essential to building a relationship with your audience. Try to balance your promotional posts with helpful or entertaining content related to your industry.

You can adjust the ideas below to fit your audience!

Tip #62: Improve your engagement and conversions with social media analytics.

Test, measure, adjust — rinse and repeat. That’s the mantra of every successful social media marketer, and it can work for you, too.

Each social media platform provides analytics and insights that help you track which content gets the most engagement.

Using a tool such as Sharelov Analytics can make analytics tracking MUCH easier and quicker!

Find out everything you need to know about your posts, including your post reach, engagement rate, reactions, clicks, shares, and views.

SS Analytics tool

Tip #63: Use a social media calendar to plan and schedule your posts in advance.

social media calendar
101 ideas for producing high-quality social media content. Get ideas for engaging social media posts and videos, plus plus platform-specific ideas for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Tip #64: Include emojis 💁 in your social media posts, especially on Instagram and Twitter. 💬 Emojis add personality and expression to your captions! 😏

Tip #65: Add campaign hashtags to your posts when you’re promoting contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways.

Tip #66: Always post high-quality images on social media. Keep a list of the specs and size requirements for each of your social media channels.

Tip #67: Post when your audience is online.

Using a tool like Sharelov’s Best Time to Post feature eliminates the guesswork of determining when to publish your posts.

Using brand-based data, the tool automatically selects the best time to publish  your posts for high engagement!

Tip #68: Research hashtags before adding them to posts. Find out how people are using your hashtags across multiple social platforms.

  • Does your favorite campaign hashtag have an unsavory double-meaning?
  • What hashtags are your competitors using?
  • What hashtags are your industry influencers using?
  • What hashtags do your followers use?

Researching your hashtags before publishing them gives you a better chance of attracting people in your target audience.

Tip #69: Encourage user-generated content on social media by offering sweepstakes entries for every product photo posted with your #campaignhashtag.

Did you know? User-generated content delivers a 4.5% higher conversion rate on social media.

Tip #70: Don’t forget to add CTAs to your social media posts! What action would you like people to take? Including CTAs that support your KPIs can help you meet your marketing objectives more quickly.

Tip #71: Open your social media posts a question or poll to encourage engagement from your followers.

Tip #72: Share statistics or trivia related to your brand or industry in your social media posts.

Tip #73: Use social media posts to announce and promote contests, giveaways, or sweepstakes.

Tip #74: In your  social media posts, share entertaining GIFs and memes that your audience can relate to.

Tip #75: Post links to your blog posts and website resources in your  social media posts.

Tip #76: Use social media posts to share author quotes from respected authors in your industry.

Tip #77: Find out what’s working for your competitors on social media, and try posting similar content.

Your competitors have probably spent a lot of time learning how to engage their audiences. You can learn from their mistakes and successes by monitoring their accounts.

Psst…. Sharelov’s Monitoring Tool lets you instantly research your Instagram competitors.

You can use the monitoring tool to follow influencers in your industry and learn what kind of content is most-engaging.

what tool
101 ideas for producing high-quality social media content. Get ideas for engaging social media posts and videos, plus plus platform-specific ideas for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Post Images, images, images! People across all social media channels love images.

  • Tip #78: Share behind-the-scenes photos of your products being designed or manufactured in your social media posts.
  • Tip #79: Create social media posts that show images your employees working, waving, or demonstrating something related to your products.
  • Tip #80: Post quotes from your best product reviews to social media.

Tip #81: In your social media posts, share infographics and artwork that include helpful tips or information about your products.

You can take essential information from your blog posts and turn it into colorful infographics.

For example, Sharelov’s design team created an infographic to show examples of the different types of Instagram ads for our article Instagram Images Sizes for 2019.

Instagram feed post video size

Infographics with tips in them make content for any social media channel.

Tip #82: Use social media posts to tell stories about your customers, products, or company.

You can tell a story in one line or one paragraph. Telling stories about other people is an excellent way to engage your social media followers.

21 ways to create high quality social media posts

Social Media Content Ideas for Videos — Great For Any Platform!

Social media loves videos, and your brand has a better chance of engaging new and current followers by sharing lots of them!

Did you know?

  • Only 20% of people will read text, but 80% will watch a video. My SMN, 2017
  • 64% of people are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video.  – Forbes, 2017
  • People can typically recall about 65% of the visual content they see nearly three days later.  – HubSpot, 2017

*Hubspot Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics 2019

You don’t need a full production studio to create eye-catching videos that engage your audience.

Here are some tips for quickly producing videos for social media — on a budget.

Tip #83: Promote your webinars with sneak-peek videos. Include a link at the end so people know how to sign up or watch them.

Tip #84: Post Product demo videos that show how your product works. People will return to your product demo videos after they’ve purchased, to help them learn to use it.

Tip #85: Tailor your product training videos to each platform.

For example, you can show a quick overview of how your product works in a short, 15-second, Instagram video.

Then, publish an in-depth, 5-minute version, on IGTV.

Wrap it up with an even-longer YouTube video that provides a collection of tips and frequently-asked questions about your product.

Tip #86: Publish customer testimonial videos. Testimonial videos work well on any social media platform. Look for customers with outgoing or funny personalities, and ask them to talk about why they like your products.

Tip #87: Have employees make videos about what they do for your company and why they like working for you.

Tip #88: Produce case study videos — they’re are an excellent way to provide social proof using video format.

Tip #89: Create explainer videos or sketch videos that turn complex topics into this fun and entertaining video format.

Tip #90: Introduce your employees with behind-the-scenes videos.

Tip #91: Use live stream video to hold discussions, roundtables, and chats with your followers.

Tip #92: Live stream special industry events.

Tip #93: Announce breaking industry news with live stream video broadcasts.

Tip #94: Use social media live stream video features to hold live Q & A sessions.

Tip #95: Film interviews with people of interest in your industry or interviews with customers.

Tip #96: Post product reveals during new product launches.

Tip #97: Share unboxing videos that show people opening your products.

Tip #98: Recycle your blog content into videos that highlight the essential points.

Tip #99: Share company updates that talk about:

  • New products in the works
  • Company milestones and achievements
  • Social cause campaigns
  • Your corporate social responsibility policies
  • Your company’s latest volunteer or fundraising activities

Tip #100:  Announce your best promotions.

Tip #101: Drop hints about upcoming product releases with short teaser videos.

19 ideas for creating social media videos for your brand

Keeping Up With the High Demand for Top-Quality Social Media Content

Keeping up with the latest updates and trends across social media could take hours of your time each week.

Let us do the work for you! Our data-driven social media guides help you plan and create social media content that gets results. Each week, the Sharelov blog brings you information to help create marketing campaigns that are on-trend, engaging, and effective.

Save valuable time by letting us share our research with your team — subscribe to our blog before you go and never miss an article!

Did we miss any valuable social media ideas? Share yours in the comments section below and we may include them when we update this article (with a link to your website).

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