Actionable Instagram Bio and Profile

6 Steps to an Insanely Actionable Instagram Bio and Profile

January 11, 2019

Updated April 2019

Increase your engagement and conversion rates like never before when you learn how to polish up your Instagram bio with the latest features and techniques.

Small but mighty!

Find out how to stand out among the 25 million businesses on Instagram with a brand profile that’s optimized for action.

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In this guide, we walk you through every element of your Instagram bio and show you how to turn a plain profile into a high-performing Instagram “homepage.”

We’ve included a ton of examples from popular brands —  so you can see what some of the most successful Instagram business bios look like!

What Are Business Profiles on Instagram?

Your Instagram profile is the first place people go to find out more about your brand and decide if they want to follow you.

Active Instagrammers often search for new products and brands on the social media platform before doing a Google search.
This means your profile becomes a sort of “homepage” for people who are searching for brands like yours.

Here’s why:

On other social media channels like Twitter and Pinterest, your bio rarely gets seen.

On Instagram, your bio is up front and center.

On other social media channels, you have plenty of space to tell people who you are and what you do.

On Instagram, you’ve got only 150 characters.

The good news is that we’re going to show you how to make your message “pop” with the latest tips, tools, and techniques for 2019. You can use them to increase links, engagement, and conversions across Instagram.

Here’s What an Instagram Profile Looks Like

At first glance, your business profile looks ridiculously simple. You might even be tempted to just fill in the blanks and get posting.

Instagram Profile Page

However, there are tips and tricks you can employ at every step to make your profile more actionable and encourage people to follow and interact with you.

For example, Dunkin Donuts makes the most of their profile by incorporating a number of features like emojis, buttons, and Stories highlights — plus a good dose of personality.

Dunkin Donuts Instagram Profile
Source: Dunkin Donuts IG

Now that you have an idea what an Instagram profile is and why it’s so important, we’re ready to get started!

1.  How to fill out Your Instagram Business Name and Username

Username? Business name? What’s the difference? In this section, we show you how to fill out the name and username fields of your Instagram profile to increase brand recognition.

Ideally, the name and username fields of a business profile contain the same name. This improves your brand recognition and helps people find you on Instagram.

Using different names in these fields can confuse people and make it harder for your business to get found.

Make a clear 1st-impression on Instagram by matching your brand’s username and profile name as closely as possible.

The example below shows how Kwik Trip Convenience Store wisely uses the same name in “username” and “name” fields. The only difference is that they’re able to add a space between “Kwik” and “Trip” in the name field.

Source: Kwik Trip IG

Here are a couple things you might not know about profile names:

  • You can change your username. If your username isn’t already set to the name of your business, change it to the exact name (if available) or a recognizable variation.
  • You can use up to 30 characters in the “Name” field.  If your business name is short, this leaves room for a brief description or product name.

For example, Topo Chico USA expands on its name by adding “Mineral Water” to the end of its name.

Source: Topo Chico USA IG

Instead of “Topo Chico,” its profile reads is “Topo Chico Mineral Water.”

Aligning your username and brand name helps to increase your brand recognition and reassures Instagrammers that they’re in the right place.

2.  How to Use Your 1 Website Link on Your Instagram Profile

You only get 1 link on Instagram — find out how to choose the right link to increase traffic, subscribers, or conversions.

What external link will you include in your business profile? You only get one link on Instagram, so be sure and align it with your goals!

Before you add that link, take a close look at your goals.

Why are you on Instagram?

Obviously, you want to grow a following and engaged audience on Instagram, but what are you hoping to achieve by doing so?

Use the link to support your primary goal. Is your intention to:

  • Drive traffic to your website? If so, add a link to your website or blog.
  • Build your email list? If so, add a link to your subscription form or landing page.
  • Sell more products? If so, add a link to a special offer or product catalog.

Remember your primary goal as we move forward to other parts of your profile. You’ll be supporting that goal as you write your bio and make other profile-related decisions.

3.  How to create an Instagram Business Bio that gets noticed

Find out how to create the best Instagram bio to get followers using all the latest techniques and features.

Welcome to the Instagram business bio!

On Instagram,

you’ve got 150 characters to explain your business, call readers to action, show some personality, include keywords, add a hashtag, offer social proof, target your audience, and convert visitors to followers.


Don’t worry. It can be done — and we’re going to show you how!

We’ll also include some Instagram bio examples to help you see how other businesses are doing it.

Here’s how to write your Instagram bio to grow your audience and increase engagement.

A. Say Who You Are and Explain What You Do.

Start by writing a short phrase that describes what your brand has to offer.

Spotify Music Service does a great job with this in less than 60 characters. “Music for every moment. Play, discover, and share for free.”

Source: Spotify IG

In the Spotify example above, you’ll notice that the brand describes their service by leading with the customer benefits instead of focusing on itself or its features.

Spotify’s bio focuses on what the customer gets from them — “Music for every moment,” and “Play, discover and share for free.” This is much more engaging to the reader than a long list of features or company accolades.

“Benefits-first” is a copywriting technique that anyone can use to help engage readers.

Here’s how BoxyCharm beauty subscription service does it: “Into beauty? Get 4-5 FULL SIZE products for $21mo.”

Source: BoxyCharm IG

Boxycharm leads with what the reader gets from them.

This classic form of copywriting is a widely-known tactic used by the most successful ad people throughout history. Try using it when writing your Instagram bio to achieve better results for your business.

B. Include a Call to Action (CTA).

A CTA on your Instagram business bio helps to engage readers.

A call-to-action (CTA) is a short line of text that encourages readers to do something like follow your page, subscribe to your newsletter, or buy your product.

On Instagram, you can use a CTA to enlist readers to take an action on or off the platform.

For example, Apartment Therapy encourages readers to tag photos with the CTA: “Share  your home photos with #apartmentherapy.”

Source: Apartment Therapy IG

Apartment Therapy knows that their target audiences love sharing photos of their homes, so this is a great way to get encourage its target audience to engage with the brand on Instagram.

You might want to use your CTA to drive business away from Instagram and over to your website or a landing page.

In the example below, Art Naturals skin care uses a “shop here” CTA to encourage its audience to browse products on their website. Notice how the brand aligns its 1 profile link with the CTA so the 2 elements work together for the same purpose.

Source: Artnaturals IG

Your choice of CTA comes down to 1 of 2 goals. Will you:

  • Use a CTA to encourage engagement on Instagram, or
  • Use a CTA to support your primary goal by sending viewers to a website, landing, or product page?
If you’re hoping to create the best Instagram bio to get followers, use your CTA to encourage users to interact with you on Instagram.

C. Use Emojis If Possible

Instagrammers love emojis, and including them in your bio can be a great way to show some personality.

For example, ASOS Fashion uses emojis on its bio to show personality and draw attention to important points.

ASOS Instagram Profile
Source: ASOS IG

BBC News uses emojis to emphasize the different emotions that can be associated with news. Its string of 4 faces (laughing, crying, smiling, and heart-ing) remind users that their news covers a wide range of topics.

Source: BBC News IG

Emojis can be a fun way to catch attention, but they aren’t appropriate for all brands.

If your brand has a serious personality or if you specialize in high-priced luxury items, then emojis may not be a good addition to your bio.

D. Show Some Personality!

Use your bio to show some personality and connect with your audience!

Add a touch of humor, philosophy, or quirkiness to your bio message to catch attention and create a lasting impression.
For example, EOS skin care products lets their personality shine with a play on words: “We believe beautiful skin is the balm!”

Source: EOS Products IG

WeWork co-working space takes a more serious approach.

The brand shares its personal philosophy,  “Make a life, not just a living.” to help form a personal connection with their target audience.

Source: WeWork IG

Other brands like Chanel Beauty refrain from adding text to their bio, as a way to show a different — or indifferent — personality.

Chanel Official Instagram Profile
Source: Chanel Beauty IG
There are many ways to show off your brand’s personality in your Instagram bio.

Try to create something engaging or memorable that’s in alignment with your brand’s tone and voice.

Whether you use humor, philosophy, or something else — adding personality to your bio can be a great way to engage potential followers and make a lasting impression.

E. Format Your Instagram Bio With Line Breaks, Hashtags, and Linked Profile Names

  • Line breaks – do this! To format your bio text with line breaks, first type your entire bio into a text editor, including line breaks. Then, copy and paste it into your bio on Instagram and your line breaks will remain.
  • Linked hashtags: Any hashtag you add to your bio will be automatically linked. It will not, however, help you to get found in hashtag searches.
  • Linked profile names: Adding an Instagram name to your bio, @namehere,  automatically links the user to your profile.
    Linked profile names are helpful if you have more than one product or brand page. These allow you to easily link to your other company products and brands.

Keep your most important information (who you are and what you do) toward the top of your bio. This way, it’s more likely to get seen by users on a mobile device.

4. How to Add Instagram Action Buttons to Your Business Profile

It’s simple to add action buttons to your profile, but keep in mind that they’ll only show up on the mobile version of Instagram.

Below is an example of action buttons on Starbucks Coffee profile. The buttons include a “call” and “email” function beneath its Stories section.

Starbucks Instagram Bio example
Source: Starbucks IG

Action buttons encourage engagement and sales for your brand. Instagram offers the following buttons and attached actions for business accounts:

  • Email button: Opens an email with your address in the “To:” field.
  • Phone button: Calls your phone number.
  • Address button: Gives directions to your location.
  • Shop button: Takes users to the products you sell on Instagram, if applicable.

To activate any of these buttons, begin by filling out your business details in the Private Information section of your Instagram business profile.

Edit Profile

Instagram Profile Page

Once you provide and verify your contact details, the app will let you add information to the Contact Options portion of your profile.

Contact Options

Entering information in Contact Options automatically creates action buttons beneath your profile.

Action buttons are optional. You can pick and choose which buttons work best for your profile.

5. How to Choose a Profile Image for Your Instagram Business Account

If you haven’t already uploaded your profile image, here are a few tips to help you choose an image.

Your profile image is the first impression many users will have of your business. It’s a fairly simple element, but worth your time to get it right.

Here are a couple tips to ensure that your profile image represents your brand well:

  • The size of the Instagram profile image is 180 X 180 on a computer screen but only 110 X 110 on mobile devices.Be sure to upload an image that’s at least 180 X 180, but still looks clear at the smaller 110 X 110 size.
  • Keep in mind that your image will be auto-cropped into circle format, so it should also look clear when cropped into a circle.
  • Be careful about using logos with text!If you must include a logo with text, check it out it on multiple devices to be sure it’s legible.

The Instagram for business profile image is a straightforward element of your bio. Try to use an image that helps people recognize and identify with your brand.

6. How to Add Branded Stories Highlights to Your Instagram Profile

Find out how Stories can bring your Instagram bio and profile to life.

We’ve saved one of the best profile features for last!

Stories Highlights enhance your Instagram profile with links that mimic a website’s homepage menu.

Instagram Stories Highlights stay on your business profile until you remove them. You can add as many highlights as you like. They do not expire after 24 hours like other Stories do.

Brands can use this feature to showcase their best content or to offer resources like FAQ’s, Events, Menus, or Products.

For example, Shake Shack Includes 6 Stories beneath its profile.

Source: Shake Shack IG

Each of its Stories a different company resource: Team, Events, Openings, Collabs, SFSG, and Pop-Ups.

Instagrammers can explore different Shake Shack Stories to find out more about the company.


There are many ways to offer resources through Stories on your profile.

GoPro uses entertaining Stories to tell more about its products using categories such as Creator Studio, GoPro Plus, and GoPro Hero.

Source: GoPro IG

For example, the #GoProPlus Story is a video that begins with a large brown bear walking toward the camera, trying to figure out what it is.

After a couple moments, the bear surprisingly takes a giant swipe toward the screen.

The video is so realistic that you can’t help but jump back in surprise as the bear “swipes” at you!


The bear scene is followed with text that reads: “You break it, we’ll replace it. No questions asked.”

Genius, right?

Skippy Peanut Butter takes a different approach, offering Instagrammers only 2 categories: Snacks or Desserts.

Source: Skippy IG

Inside each Story, Skippy shares peanut butter treat ideas through beautiful imagery.


Adding Highlights to your Stories allows you to save Stories to your profile page, so they don’t expire after 24 hours like normal Stories do.

You can refer to Highlights in your feed and in future Stories. Plus, if you have the Swipe-Up feature, you’re able to include additional links within Stories.

Here’s How to Highlight Stories and Add Them to Your Instagram Business Profile

  1. Go to your Instagram business profile and tap “Stories Highlights” located beneath your username and bio.
  2. Tap the “+” add button, select your Stories, then tap “Next.”
  3. Choose a cover photo
  4. Name your Story
  5. Finish by typing “add” on IOS or “done” on Android.

You can edit highlights later with the “edit highlights” button.

Stay Tuned For More Instagram Updates and Features.

You may have noticed that Instagram’s “on fire” with new updates and features this year. In fact, many of the tips mentioned in this guide weren’t even available this time last year.

Unlike a number of other social platforms, Instagram isn’t trying to push its brands out of its feed or away from users. In fact, the social platform embraces the friendly relationship that users have with brands on Instagram!

What do you think? Has your business profile had an impact on your ROI or brand awareness? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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6 Steps to an Insanely Actionable Instagram Business Profile (Infographic)

6 Steps to an Insanely Actionable Instagram Business Profile Infographic

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