Marketer’s Guide to the Top Social Media Trends in 2019

February 14, 2019

2018 was a year packed with scandals, updates, and emerging technologies across all social media channels. As a result…

2019 will bring big changes to your favorite social media platforms.

Are you ready?

Get a step ahead of your competition with this list of MUST-KNOW marketing trends for 2019.

We take you straight to the changes and opportunities that will shape your day-to-day strategies over the coming year.

PLUS we’ve included enough tips to kick-start your social media strategies on 7 different channels!

Get ready for your most successful year ever!

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Top Trends & Tips for Facebook 2019

Facebook had more than its fair share of changes and challenges in 2018.

Many experts predict a looming decline in Facebook’s popularity, but despite the privacy violations, data breaches, and fake news – the platform is still the #1 social media network as 2018 comes to a close.

Here are Sharelov’s predictions for the top trends to pursue on Facebook 2019:

1. Prepare for Augmented Reality

Facebook kicked off 2018 with a major algorithm change that slashed organic reach for brands, severely impacting many businesses.

Expect 2019 to continue leaning toward “pay to play” for brands on Facebook.

The good news is that Facebook is experimenting and releasing augmented reality tools that will allow brands to highly-personalize the user experience and greatly increase brand engagement.

For example:

  • Augmented reality tools will enable newsfeed ads that allow users to try on items such as eyeglasses and makeup. These are already in beta and being used by brands like Warby Parker, Nike, and Sephora.
  • Facebook has released an augmented reality tool, “AR Studio,” for developers. Expect to see AR used in innovative ways that go beyond what we’ve seen so far!

During 2019, you can expect to see augmented reality touch every area of Facebook marketing from videos to Messenger communications.

Augmented reality is a trend worth investing in for 2019.

TIP: Learn how brands are using AR in innovative ways so you can brainstorm ideas for enhancing your content with AR in 2019.

2. Use Brief Vertical Videos to Catch Attention

When court documents revealed that Facebook knowingly published inaccurate video statistics, many marketers were relieved to have their suspicions validated. Its fake video statistics led to the failure of many businesses who went “all in” on long-form videos due to the fake stats.

For long-form videos, stick to YouTube.

Facebook videos should always be less than 2 minutes long. A recent in-depth study by Buffer/Buzzsumo found that videos between 30 – 120 seconds received the highest engagement in 2018.


From the same study, we gained some valuable insights about video formatting:

  • Almost everyone (95%) uses a mobile device to access Facebook.
  • The majority of people (79%) find vertical videos more engaging.
  • People think companies who publish vertical videos are more innovative.

Thanks to the rise of mobile device usage, vertical videos are gaining in popularity. They’re easier to view because the user doesn’t have to turn their phone sideways to watch.


  • Balance your content formats. Do – publish more video than ever before, but back it up with high-quality written content for users in the consideration and decision stages of the buyer’s journey.
  • Browse Instagram or IGTV to discover how innovative brands are using vertical video to make an impression with their audiences. Then, pack your content with engaging videos that both entertain and serve your target audience.
  • Try vertical videos that look great on mobile devices, then review your insights to find out if the format is more effective with your audience.

3. Build Trust With Your Audience

Early 2018 ushered in congressional hearings on Facebook’s privacy protection, lack of diversity, and other integrity-related issues.

It all didn’t seem so bad as the hearings played out and viewers watched the live stream, because the hearings kept us entertained with plenty of hilarious viral moments.

However, a never-ending stream of privacy violations, data breaches, and political mishaps throughout 2018 left experts pondering the network’s future.

Worse, many Facebook users lost trust in the platform. According to a December 2018 survey, Facebook is the least-trusted company when it comes to protecting personal information.

Source: Statista

While an estimated 54% of users adjusted their privacy settings in 2018, nearly 70% of U.S. users took a break from Facebook altogether, or deleted the app from their phones.

Source: Statista, Share of Facebook users in the United States who have taken following steps to reframe their relationship with the social network

As a result, Facebook brands must work harder to build trust in 2019 than they ever have before.

Facebook 2019 Marketing Tips

  • Engage, engage, engage! Respond to all user comments as quickly as possible.
  • Invest in social media customer service and address all problems swiftly.
  • Create special-interest closed groups to support your audience. Offer open discussions and support on topics relevant to your products or industry.
  • Post and publish on a consistent schedule.
  • Represent your brand with a consistent personality across all social media channels.
  • Maintain GDPR compliance on your website and in your email marketing.

Building trust with your audience in 2019 is no longer an option.

In the upcoming year, brands must make heroic-level efforts to build customer trust if they want to keep and grow their audiences.

Top Trends & Tips for Instagram 2019

A new Instagram emerges on the cusp of 2019 as brands settle into a broad spectrum of the new social media tools and features released last year.

From cosmetic profile improvements to shoppable product stickers and algorithm transparency, Instagram released what seemed like a never-ending stream of innovative updates during 2018.

Some of its most popular new features include:

  • Pin Stories to profiles
  • Shoppable products in Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Explore page
  • Question Stickers
  • Instagram TV

As marketers become more comfortable with the new features, expect to see them used in more innovative ways. Here are some of the Instagram trends to watch for in 2019.

1. Focus on Engagement Over Promotion

Instagram is on its way to becoming the #1 platform for brand engagement in 2019, according to a recent report by Social Bakers.

Brands that are still focused on creating self-promotional content should take a sharp turn in the other direction, toward a primary goal of increasing customer engagement.

Instead of investing in content that promotes brands and products, expect to see Instagram brands shift to videos, posts, and Stories whose main goal is to engage viewers.

Look to high-engagement brands such as Top Pockets, Mene, Nature Valley, and The Crown for innovative ideas on how to spark brand engagement.

2. Launch an E-commerce Store on Instagram

Social commerce will step into the spotlight in a big way during 2019.

Shopping on social media platforms is positioned to become the “new normal,” and product-driven brands should prepare immediately.

Instagram now lets brands include shoppable product stickers in Stories and posts.

There’s an approval process you must pass before your businesses can create a catalog and product stickers. It’s not a long or complicated routine, but it does make a good argument for getting started sooner rather than later!

Instagram 2019 Tips

Top Trends & Tips for Twitter 2019

Despite lousy press over fake followers, fake influencers, and election manipulation, 2018 was Twitter’s best year ever. February saw the announcement of Twitter’s first profitable quarter since going public in 2013.

The New York Times reports that, as a business, it looks like Twitter is finally beginning to work.

Of its 326 million active users an estimated 40% are millennials, according to a current report by Statista. As we approach 2019, there are a handful of trends to watch that will help your brand succeed on the Twitter.

1. Fully Engage with Twitter in 2019

Twitter’s made an extreme effort this year to authenticate followers. The social media platform vowed to remove tens of thousands of accounts for an estimated 6% drop in overall followers.

Now that Twitter’s going legit, it’s time for real brands to step up and participate. Instead of dropping in on occasion or spamming self-serving posts, consider tips from Twitter’s business blog on how to grow your audience and increase engagement:

  • Use eye-catching images, videos, and GIFS in your tweets.
  • Incorporate relevant, researched hashtags.
  • Encourage engagement with questions and polls.
  • Engage on the platform by curating, retweeting, and replying to followers and other businesses.
Source: Statista

2. Enhance Your Customer Care Strategies

Social care and customer service are becoming more personalized, and your 2019 Twitter strategy should adapt.

Now that most brands offer customer care through social media, consumers are expecting higher levels of personalization alongside rapid response times.

While the prospect of stellar customer service on Twitter might seem overwhelming, it’s actually more cost-efficient than call centers. A report by the Online Marketing Institute reveals that it costs only $1 to solve a customer service issue on social media.

Twitter Tips

  • Alongside improving your customer service, track mentions of your brand on Twitter and reply to positive and negative comments swiftly.
  • If you’re marketing on Twitter, go “all in” instead of standing on the sidelines. Follow tips from the Twitter Business Blog to expand reach and boost engagement.

Top Trends & Tips for Pinterest 2019

Despite Pinterest’s smaller numbers (just 250 million active users), Facebook and Instagram are scrambling to catch up with the mighty browsing network when it comes to social commerce.

  • 55% of all people who shop products on social media prefer Pinterest over all other platforms.
  • 90% of Pinners are on the platform browsing for ideas on what to buy next.
  • 55% of those browsing make a purchase.

Pinterest is #1 with shoppers and drives 3.8X more sales than other types of digital campaigns.

Product-Driven Brands Should Invest in Pinterest for 2019. Period.

Pinterest is the #1 choice for people shopping fashion and beauty products, according to an in-depth study by Social Bakers.

Auto, retail, sporting goods, electronics, and services are also popular categories on Pinterest.

Men now make up 40% of all pinners and account for 50% of all new signups.

Yet only 1.5 million businesses are on Pinterest!

If you sell products but aren’t actively marketing on Pinterest, you’re missing out a chance to reel in some very high returns from a low-competition platform.

Pinterest 2019 Tip: Invest in micro-influencers and paid advertising as a way to boost your reach, engagement, and ROI in 2019.

Top Trends & Tips for YouTube 2019

Gen Z is made up of people ages 21 and younger, and by 2020 they’ll make up 40% of all consumer spending.

1. Cater to Gen Z with Uplifting, Entertaining Content

By 2020, Generation Z will account for 40% of all consumers.

Contrary to popular belief, Gen Z’ers do not have short attention spans. Instead, they’re able to process digital information and make value decisions quicker than any generation before them.

One remarkable difference between generation Z and all others is their choice of social media platforms.

YouTube is the #1 social media channel for everything Generation Z.

2019 is the year you should get to know Generation Z better, so your brand is prepared for the shift in consumer personalities.

2. Get to Know Generation Z

Gen Z’ers are online constantly and often overwhelmed by the high expectations of other social media channels, according to a recent report by Google.

When they want to relax and cheer up -- Generation Z heads to YouTube.  YouTube videos help them relax and de-stress, and they’re drawn to videos that help them:

  • Learn or become more knowledgeable on a topic
  • Feel more connected to the world around them
  • Connect with other generations
  • Unplug through pure entertainment

TIP: To keep Gen Z’ers engaged on YouTube, create videos that are authentic, uplifting, or purely entertaining.

Avoid messaging that puts any type of social or academic pressure on them, since they’re getting plenty of it on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Social causes are also a high priority, so consider adopting a cause or purpose if you’re looking to connect more closely with Generation Z.

3. Aim for High Retention Rates on YouTube in 2019

Retention rates are crucial to your YouTube search optimization. They reflect how long you’re able to keep viewers’ attention during your videos.

For example, if the average person only watches 10 minutes of your 40-minute video, then its retention rate is 25%.

Retention rates matter for brands because they have an effect on your place in the YouTube algorithm.
How visible your brand videos are in searches, and how often YouTube recommends your videos, relies partly on your overall retention rates.

TIP: Strive to create high-retention videos for YouTube in 2019, and update your existing videos if you’re struggling to rank.

TIP: Access your YouTube analytics to view retention rates so you can test, measure, and improve in 2019.

Top Trends & Tips for LinkedIn 2019

B2b network LinkedIn may not have the flash and glitter of Instagram and Facebook, but make no mistake — LinkedIn is THE place to connect with other businesses.

Year after year, LinkedIn users engage with content in their newsfeed 2 times more than the year before.

LinkedIn is popular with all age groups; however, the 35-44-year-old category is most active on the B2B network.

In the chart below, we see the percent of U.S. internet users who use LinkedIn – sorted by age group.

Source: Statista

Half of all internet users ages 35-to-44 use LinkedIn, according to a study by We Are Flint.

There’s plenty of opportunities to build relationships on the platform. Follow the trends below to thrive on LinkedIn in 2019.

Integrate Paid and Organic Strategies On LinkedIn in 2019

According to LinkedIn Associate Content Marketing Manager Kylee Lessard, the key to unlocking your brand’s potential lies in the balance of paid and organic content.

To boost your reach and engagement, build a presence on LinkedIn as you test, measure, and adjust your content along the way.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions offers a free guide to help you succeed in balancing your paid and organic strategies.

Millions of professionals create over 130K articles per week that show up in a newsfeeds whose views are up by 60% over last year. Expect LinkedIn to continue its growth and expand opportunities for small businesses to get seen in 2019.

Publish Original, Unique Content on LinkedIn.

Publishing content to LinkedIn is one of the best ways to build your network and engage with other business people on the platform.

As the platform continues to grow, publishing LinkedIn-specific content is a MUST for anyone hoping to build a robust online presence and establish yourself as an authority in your industry.

LinkedIn Publishing Tips:

  • Publish consistently
  • Make your articles look great – use images and formatting just as you would in a high-quality, optimized blog post.
  • Participate in groups that share and support member content

LinkedIn is a strong network for businesses looking to connect with other businesses or hire new team members. Writing articles or reports specifically for publishing on LinkedIn helps your brand to grow, engage, and build relationships with the people in your industry.

2019 Top Trends Across All Social Media

Hold onto your hats and get ready for a wild ride because 2019 will be a year of history-making digital transformation.

Social media marketers must prepare immediately for the 2019 changes that will impact all social media networks.

Most aren’t the quick-and-easy adjustments of years past.

For example, customer privacy and consumer rights become paramount in 2019.

Social commerce steps into the forefront. Awesome, right? Sounds like a simple tactic with endless creative opportunities.

But there’s a catch…

Your success with this emerging opportunity depends largely on how well you address consumer concerns over data privacy.

In this section, we show you the trends and changes you need to pay attention to across all social media networks.

Let’s get started!

1. Build Trust with Your Audience.

You’ll be working to build a new kind of trust with your audience this year.

It’s not as simple as the trust you’ve worked to build in years past. Posting high-quality content and engaging with your audience is no longer enough to form a connection with them.

In 2019, you’ll face intense scrutiny over your ability to protect your customers’ data and address their privacy concerns.

Some of the questions consumers want to know include:

  • What are your ethics regarding artificial intelligence?
  • How authentic is your content?

As generation Z begins to step into the consumer spotlight, your brand has a choice of building trust or getting left behind. Gen Z’ers may be young (23 & under), but they’re savvier and more discerning than any generation before them.

Your success in social media marketing 2019 is largely dependent on how well your organization prepares to build consumer trust.

That’s not the best news for marketers because some of the critical action steps are out of your hands.

Meet with your team, clients, or department heads and let them know what you’ll need to succeed on social media in the coming year. Consumers will be looking for a higher level of responsibility than ever before, and your entire team needs to work together to prepare.

>>>Tip” Read up!<<<

To understand more about the issues you’ll face, we suggest you review this report by Edelman Digital. It explains specific, in-depth information about how to take responsibility and answer to consumers so you can build the trust with your audience in 2019.

2. Step Up Your Social Commerce

As mobile device usage rises, so does the growth of social commerce. Shopping for products on social media platforms saw explosive growth in 2018, and you can expect it to take the main stage in 2019.

According to a 2018 social commerce report by Retail Dive, between July 2017 – July 2018:

  • Nearly 70% of brands surveyed added social commerce features.
  • Over 40% of those brands launched shoppable content on Instagram.
  • The majority of brands began using Facebook’s “shop now” button.

Despite the rise in social shopping, no one knows what channels and technology will work best because <embarrassing secret coming up>… no one’s profiting from social commerce yet.

Here’s a timeline of social commerce growth in the past 3 years:

  • 2016: Social commerce makes up just 2% of all revenue.
  • 2017: 34% of shoppers haven’t purchased anything on social media yet.
  • 2018: The first major social commerce success is an Air Jordan Snapchat promo.

Why all the hoopla about social commerce when no one knows what works or how to make a profit from it?

Because Facebook and Instagram say so.

The major social media platforms added a host of new tools that let brands step quickly into social commerce. From shoppable posts, Stories to product stickers and catalogs, brands now have a list of options to help them sell through social media.

With the technology, data, and support that Facebook and Instagram can offer, the new shopping tools and features position brands to quickly start earning and accelerating profits.

TIP: Follow Facebook and Instagram business blogs for helpful data that can put your brand front and center of the social commerce trends in 2019.

TIP: Begin exploring the possibilities for selling on social media. However, proceed with caution. Over the coming year, brands will start learning what technology, platforms, and tactics deliver a reasonable ROI.

So, definitely make an effort to begin selling your products on social media.

Experiment, test, measure, and adjust — again and again. Learn what methods are most promising.

Build slowly, but prepare to move rapidly into social commerce 2019, as marketers begin to learn how to sell on social media successfully.

2019: The Year That Digital Marketing Grows Up

Now that you’ve had a peek at what 2019 will look like for social media marketers let’s take a look at what’s driving it all.

There’s a recurring theme sparking the significant changes  ahead: Trust.

Your audience probably spends most of their free screen time connecting with friends or browsing the news. They’re quickly losing the blissful false sense of security they once had. Every scandalous headline, data hack, and privacy violation moves your audience one step further away from you.

Some will leave social media altogether. Others will refuse to click. A few will even revert back to brick-and-mortar shopping.

Consumers are afraid, and there’s only one way to fix that…

Be responsible.

From more authentic content to GDPR compliance to data protection, 2019 will demand that you take action toward ensuring customer safety and consumer confidence.

But don’t forget the amazing, fun, and exciting opportunities coming your way!

  • Augmented reality is here.
  • Generation Z is about to become a significant part of our audience.
  • Artificial Intelligence will help you highly personalize your marketing for even-better ROI.

So, despite the demand that all businesses and marketers become more responsible, trustworthy, and accountable….

We’ve got bigger, better toys to play with, and a sandbox full of new tools to help us create the most successful year ever in 2019.

Top # Social Media Trends in 2019 Infographic

Top # Social Media Trends in 201

23 tips for Social Media Success in 2019 Infographic 

23 Tips for Social Media Success in 2019
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