How to manage multiple social media accounts with Sharelov

How to manage multiple social media accounts with Sharelov

August 4, 2021

In this article, we’ll show you how to improve the way you manage multiple social media accounts with the best professional tools and software to make your campaigns more effective.

Nearly one-third of marketers (32%) say their content creation workflow is only fair (or even poor), and the majority of people (60%) have difficulty producing content on a consistent basis.

But you can immediately improve your workflow and consistency with tools that make it easy for your team to create, approve, track, and publish marketing campaigns.

Keep reading to discover how to easily manage campaigns across multiple social media networks with Sharelov.

Sharelov team marketing software Work together from any time zone!

How Social Media Marketing Challenges Marketers

Most marketers (90%) agree that social media increases the exposure of their business, and the majority (75%) say it has increased traffic to their websites, according to a report by Ziflow.

However, it’s not unusual for marketing teams to go through three to five versions of an asset before it’s finalized, and some teams require up to ten different versions.

More than forty percent of marketing leaders say that not getting timely feedback and comments from internal stakeholders causes project delays.

Teams Work better together with Sharelov

Getting timely approvals and feedback from team members is a significant challenge to marketers — which is probably why more than half of marketing agencies say their primary goal is increasing creative time and resources and only 58% of marketers say that they’re able to achieve their goals (Marketing Statistics report by CoSchedule).

Professional collaboration tools can help teams procure approvals quicker, but marketers frequently end up using a combination of tools from several platforms. 

Using tools from different platforms can cause confusion and delays that affect your campaigns.

When you’re pushing out campaigns across several social media platforms you need an all-in-one platform.

Ideally, you want an all-in-one platform that helps your team develop and execute all types of campaigns while providing you with the social media marketing tools to make your campaigns successful.

The good news is, everything you need to develop and execute successful social media campaigns across multiple platforms is quick, easy, and accessible with Sharelov. 

track your competitors

Sharelov helps you easily create, edit, approve and publish all your Social Media campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest

But that’s not all.

Sharelov isn’t only for social media marketing.

You can develop all your marketing campaigns on Sharelov, including:

  • Website marketing
  • Blogging
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Podcasting
  • Digital advertising
  • Print campaigns
  • Video Production
  • Display Banner Ads
  • Website Development (Mockups)
  • Media Flowcharts
  • Estimates
  • 360 advertising campaigns (Offline & Online)

Whether you’re working with a remote team or in-office crew, or a bit of both, creativity and communication is easier, quicker, and more effective with Sharelov’s collaboration software and social media marketing tools.

Coordinate your engagement strategy with live team chats, to-do tracking, and hashtag monitoring

Best Tools For Team Collaboration On Social Media Projects

When you’re developing campaigns and producing creative content, you need seamless communication and an all-in-one platform to share and store all your creative media.

Sharelov lets you develop and preview social media posts exactly as they will look when published.

Social Media Post Preview

In-progress content is shared with teammates through internal “posts” that allow them to share feedback, ideas, and suggestions with each other on each asset that’s being created.

Request Approval

Once the piece of content is ready, it’s easy to request approval and publish directly from your Sharelov post.

Sample campaign post sharelov

Sharelov’s intuitive design feels like a team-wide social media platform, but its capabilities and tools are much more sophisticated.

Easily find any file. With Sharelov, there’s no more digging and searching to find files. Just pull up the campaign page to access any of the content, assets, and campaign messages.

Procure approvals FAST! It’s easy to share content and assets with team leaders, managers, and clients for one-click approval.

approval request Sharelov

Easily view info on any post by opening the toolbox menu (ellipsis/three dots) and selecting “Post Information.”

Post information provides you with the following details:

  • Media name
  • Media type
  • Media size
  • Media dimensions
  • Post author
  • Last edit date
  • Person who approved and published post

Create Campaign Briefs to describe new campaigns and help your team stay focused on the main objectives. Each campaign gets its own page, which keeps all messaging, media, and approvals well-organized.

Campaign Briefs

Develop and preview multimedia content exactly as it will look when it’s published. 

sharelov internal post examples

Share all types of assets and files with confidence that they won’t get buried or lost. 

Upload all the media assets you need to build your marketing campaigns, including:

  • Adobe PSDs
  • PDFs
  • PowerPoint (.ppt)
  • Word (.doc)
  • Excel (.xls)
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Audio
  • GIFs

Your content and assets are organized by campaign. All you need to do is go to the campaign page to preview posts, videos, and other types of content.

  • Each asset you upload gets its own comment section, so team members can share feedback and develop content without the need to search for files.
  • You can quickly create links to share team posts with anyone.

share post

  • You get complete freedom and organizational mastery with all of your content: create, edit duplicate, copy, tag (by brand or campaign), forward comments, and more — all within Sharelov.

edit doc Sharelov

The drag and drop social media calendar lets you view all your scheduled posts for any (or all) of your connected social media networks.

The brand calendar groups all your brand’s online, offline and social media campaigns into a single shared calendar.

Social Media Calendar

Assign campaign tasks with due dates to team members from your campaign page. No need to navigate away from your project! 

When you assign a task, it’s added to the “To Do” section of the Sharelov menu for easy reference.

SL navigation dashboard

To-Dos are organized by due date, with reminders and color-coding to let the person know when something is overdue.

Sharelov's To Do

Tasks listed on To Do include links to corresponding campaigns and content. 

View individual and team To Do stats at the click of a button.

Team members get an email update of their activity status at the close of every business day.

Activity email

Your team schedule is available to everyone from their main Sharelov dashboard.

team Schedule

Stop using email. Seriously! 

Communicating on Sharelov is more effective than email. Messages are easier to write, view, and organize. Attachments are a breeze.

Like email, communications are available 24/7 and backed up in the cloud. 

UNLIKE email, there are no spam or buried messages. 

Communicating with your team on Sharelov immediately makes collaboration simple, easy, quick, and organized!

collaboration messaging Sharelov

Chat with team members in real-time. Sharelov’s chat section allows team members to chat one-on-one or create group chats for live collaboration.

Sharelov Chat

Or, if your team is in different time zones, the chat tool functions as a message board and the person replies at their convenience.

Team collaboration tools are critical to social media marketing. Without them, your company loses time and drains its most valuable resource – creativity.

However, you need more than collaboration tools to build successful social media campaigns.

That’s why Sharelov’s collaboration platform includes FREE social media marketing tools to help you monitor your competitors, evaluate your campaign’s effectiveness, and post the right thing at the right time to the right people!

Try ALL of Sharelov’s marketing tools today!

Social Media Marketing Tools

On Sharelov, you can boost the results of multiple social media campaigns across several accounts with specialized tools that help you:

  • Boost brand awareness
  • Increase conversions
  • Grow your following
  • Massively improve engagement

From monitoring your competitors to reviewing your social media analytics and finding the best times to post, Sharelov provides you with expert tools to help you do it all.

ALL of Sharelov’s social media marketing tools are included FREE with your subscription.

Try Sharelov today!

Instagram Marketing Tools On Sharelov

With Sharelov, you can create Instagram posts and Stories, from any computer, with your team.

Instagram Stories Creation

NEW! Sharelov’s Instagram auto-publish tool allows you to schedule your Instagram posts for publishing at any time.

auto-publishing for instagram is here

That’s right. Sharelov can automatically publish Instagram posts for you – while you’re sleeping! 

Instagram Auto Publish Creation

Repost user-generated content with Sharelov’s reposting tool. Share user-generated content to boost your UGC campaigns!

Collaborate on Instagram Stories with your team members on Sharelov!

Manage Instagram comments directly from your Sharelov dashboard. Boost your brand’s engagement and reputation by regularly engaging with your followers on Instagram. Sharelov makes it easy!

Instagram comment manager on sharelov

Monitor your competitors, influencers, hashtags, and mentions with Sharelov’s suite of monitoring tools.

Instagram monitor brand mentions

Instagram analytics aren’t limited to posts. You’ll also find helpful insights on your Instagram Stories, including:

  • Organic engagement rate
  • People reached
  • Impressions
  • Completion Rate
  • Forward
  • Backward
  • Exits
  • Replies

You can learn more about social media monitoring and competitive analysis in the Sharelov Guide: How To Monitor Your Competitors’ Social Media Strategy.

Monitor your competitors’ Instagram ads and instantly create ad reports for your team with Sharelov’s ad monitoring tool.


Get instant hashtag ideas for your Instagram posts by typing a keyword into Sharelov’s Hashtag Idea Tool! 

get hashtag ideas with Sharelov

Hashtags help boost your brand awareness and increase your following — learn more about how to use Instagram hashtags in The Ultimate Guide To Instagram Hashtags.

Create the perfect Instagram Bio by adding a beautiful grid with Sharelov’s drag and drop Grid View Planner tool.

Grid view planner sharelov

Evaluate your Instagram marketing efforts and boost your engagement rates with Instagram analytics available directly from your Sharelov dashboard.


You’ll love the engagement rate metric, which is automatically calculated for you!

Instagram analytics sharelov example 2

Sharelov’s analytics tools make Instagram insights so quick and easy that you can check them out in less than five minutes a day. 

Sharelov’s analytics tools also let you easily create and share custom analytics reports with your team.

let sharelov do the work for you

You can learn more about Instagram analytics in the Ultimate Guide To Instagram Analytics.

Sharelov’s powerful Instagram marketing tools help your brand compete in any industry, grow a large following, and keep your audience highly-engaged with your posts and Stories!

Facebook Marketing Tools On Sharelov

As the world’s biggest social media network, with roughly 2.85 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the primary content distribution channel for marketers.

Building an engaged following on Facebook isn’t as easy as it used to be. 

However, with the right tools and strategy, your brand can build wildly successful Facebook campaigns.

Sharelov provides you with all the tools you need to grow and engage your target audience on Facebook.

Sharelov’s monitoring tools allow you to:

  • Monitor your competitors’ Facebook content.
  • Track your competitors’ Facebook advertising.
  • Monitor your industry’s and competitors’ influencers on Facebook.

The Best Times To Post tool gives you data-based recommendations (updated DAILY) on the best time to publish Facebook posts that will reach your audience.

best times to post tool Sharelov

Just click on any of the suggested best times!

Facebook Best Times To Post feature automatically recommends the best times for your brand

Learn more about the best times to post on Facebook in our Marketers’ Guide — Best Times to Post on Facebook in 2021.

Facebook Analytics are easier and quicker on Sharelov. You can quickly review your metrics and create reports to share with your team.

Sharelov Facebook Analytics

Review and reply to your Facebook comments from your Sharelov dashboard — making it easier to respond and engage followers on a daily basis.

Sharelov Facebook Comments

Sharelov’s Facebook marketing tools help your brand stand out and engage your target audience on the platform. All social media tools are free with your Sharelov subscriptions.

Try Sharelov today!

TikTok Marketing Tools On Sharelov

TikTok’s rapid growth since its 2016 launch has always been impressive, but 2020 put it over the top in popularity. In a world craving connection and joy, TikTok flourished. 

By 2021, the short-form video platform became the top non-gaming app in the world with roughly 987 million downloads in only twelve months — despite getting banned throughout all of India the year before.

To date, TikTok has been downloaded more than two and a half billion times.

Fortunately, it’s not too late for brands to get in on the ground level and build a following or go viral on Tiktok.

Sharelov tools can help you get there.

Monitor TikTok influencers with Sharelov Your team will thank you

Sharelov’s suite of TikTok monitoring tools lets you easily:

  • Monitor your competitors’ content
  • Monitor industry influencers
  • Monitor competitors’ TikTok advertising and create instant ad reports

Sharelov’s monitoring tools allow you to filter your competitors’ and influencers’ posts to list the most-engaging content first, so you can more easily identify what’s driving high interaction.

TikTok monitor content

Track your TikTok content analytics with Sharelov TikTok Analytics tools. 

Sharelov’s analytics make TikTok metrics easier to review and share with your team — and the engagement rates for all your posts are automatically posted for you!

TikTok analytics Sharelov

Filter your posts by engagement rates, comments, date, total engagements, or total reactions to discover what content is creating a buzz on Tiktok.

Your team will love how easy it is to review their content insights, and you’ll enjoy the solid data that helps you create more engaging and successful campaigns.

Learn more about how to use TikTok analytics to boost your engagement in the Ultimate Guide to TikTok Analytics for Brands 2021.

TikTok is an excellent opportunity for brands that want to reach a fresh new audience and potentially go viral along the way. 

Sharelov’s TikTok tools, which are free to subscribers, can help you build a TikTok following, engage viewers, and create viral campaigns.

Turn your TikTok insights into full ad campaigns Sharelov marketing collaboration software

LinkedIn Marketing Tools On Sharelov

LinkedIn’s 756 million members represent 57 million companies, and for B2B brands — nothing beats LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the #1 channel for content marketing, and nearly all B2B marketers (97%) use it for content marketing.

If you’re hoping to reach some of the 46 million B2B decision makers, 6 million IT decision makers, or 10 million C-level executives that participate on LinkedIn, you want to fit in.

On LinkedIn, you have to know how to network and fit in with the crowd, and one of the best ways to gauge whether you’re doing it right is by looking at the data.

Sharelov’s LinkedIn analytics tools make LinkedIn insights easy.

linkedin analytics on sharelov2

Find out what’s engaging your followers on LinkedIn, then create customized reports for your team.

Sharelov’s LinkedIn analytics tools help you visualize data in a way that’s easier to scan and remember for both you and your team.

sharelov simplifies your linkedIn marketing

If you’re a B2B brand, LinkedIn is probably your main platform. Sharelov tools can help you review analytics and identify how to increase your engagement and connections on the platform.

Sharelov Social Media Tools Make Multiple Account Marketing More Effective

When you use Sharelov, you get more than a world-class collaboration platform that allows your team to work together from anywhere in the world.

With Sharelov, you also get free social media tools to help your team compete across multiple social media channels.

Try ALL of Sharelov’s social media tools FREE today

Sharelov helps your team monitor its competitors’ content, track industry influencers, discover brand mentions, choose the best times to post, share UGC content, easily review social media analytics, and much more.

Have you tried Sharelov yet? Sign up today and find out how seamless collaboration and easy-to-use social media marketing tools can make a difference for your brand.

What are your favorite social media tools? Drop a comment below and let us know how social media tools help keep your campaigns running smoothly!

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